Joost Visser

Managing Director | REL Sales Consulting

"Ignace is one of those rare marketeers having a real interest and insight into the sales side of the business as well. Based on his knowledge of what works and what not, Ignace ensures that brand plans and activities are meeting the customer needs as well."

Gepost op: maandag, 16 september 2013

Robert Krook

Founder & Owner | Orgbooster AB

"I worked with Ignace during a five year period. He has always been a very hard working loyal leader taking 100% accountability for the outcome he has committed to deliver. He has a very strong marketing background which has been key for his success developing a portfolio of premium brands. [...] His style has always been very appreciated by the people that work with and for him. He is what I would describe as a truly inspirational leader delivering his results by inspiring the people around him to stretch them self beyond what they thought was possible. 
I can really recommend Ignace as a Senior Marketing Director in a complex brand oriented environment or a General Manager for a company looking for growth or improved performance."

Gepost op: woensdag, 28 augustus 2013