Best sire of showjumping winners, In 2011 Diamant de Semilly is the sire of the 6YO French Champion, Rock’n Roll Semilly, the 6YO females vice-championne Ratina Kervec, the 4YO females vice-championne Tradition Ixe and the 3rd of the 5YO females Shana Kerglenn. Nombre maximum des produits et Affichage des produits dont indice est supérieur. The doses' quality is certified by Eurogen and Diamant de Semilly's semen presents an exceptional fertility rate. WBFSH show jumping and eventing sires combined rankings 2019. Diamant has excellent fertility. To the question : "Among the european stallions, which ones do you prefer ?" It is also possible to send frozen semen to another French AI center (shipping costs in addition), Towards foreign countries, we can send you the semen directly or through our brokers if there is one who works for us in your country. information on stallion Diamant de Semilly (Selle Français, 1991, of Le Tôt de Semilly) | Rider Eric Levallois | 2 exclusive videos, ratings, Children, breeding tax, pedigree, pictures at a glance. Diamant de Semilly remains at the top of all the rankings : CAD $ 2,495.00. Avoid very big mares. DIAMANT HITS THE HEADLINES OF THE MAGAZINE GRAND PRIX INTERNATIONAL - Juillet 2013 ! adiamood de l'abbaye. copin vd broy. Moreover, Diamant has got an exceptionnal fertility rate. Date transponder injected : 15/02/2005, This horse is DNA genotyped (Conformément à la norme en vigueur) : Oui A super addition to any stable. Best Sire of showjumping winners : DIAMANT DE SEMILLY : THE SIRE PAR EXCELLENCE ! to know breeds of progeny, click here, Identified by electronic transponder : Oui ISO 184 (0.95) (2002) breeding name (DE) Diamant de Semilly: UELN: 25000191446545F: There are many reasons for rimondo. chilli willi. BPO +27 (0.36) Also jumping at the same level from the damline were Milliard des Cresles, Jolita des Cresles (by Diamant de Semilly), Kama de Cresles, and Noble Sire. In 2013, Diamant is the sire of the 7 YO Champion, Shana de Kerglenn, the 5YO Champion Urano de Cartigny, the vice-champion of the 5 YO Un Diamant des Forêts, the 3rd of the 5 YO females Unte des Forêts, the 3rd of the 4 YO males Vendome d'Anchat. Lic. away semilly . General comments, problems encountered, special techniques or therapies used: Not a good result as my mare didn't catch in both tries; My mare is absolutely healthy and i Believe the issue was the amount of semen per each dose which was not enough. DIAPORAMA OF DIAMANT DE SEMILLY'S OFFSPRING ON LINE. Best Sire of Sires Worldwide and best sire of Tomorrow’s Stars. Diamant de Semilly is also ranked : His number of approved sires has increased from 52 to 67, while his sire, Le Tot de Semilly, also moved upwards from 20th ot 18th. Sire: DIAMANT DE SEMILLY Selle Francais Section A Dam: NORMANDY NIGHT Selle Francais Section A Dam sire: NIGHT AND DAY Pur Sang > Moins. Diamant has a french breeding index for jumping of +30 (0.99), ranking him an elite sire. He is also the dam sire of the 5YO females Champion, Rafale de Kerglenn. "Diamant de Semilly, already leader since three years, confirms his place of best reproductor ! MONSIEUR JULES MESNILDREY is offspring is looked forward and usually very well sold ! Stallion with the best Blup (showjumping index) : And all over the World as well : like in Germany (. Last but not the least, another Diamant daughter, Shana de Kerglenn [...] earned the French Champion title in the 7YO Criterium [...].". Best Sire of French young jumpers And he seems to transmit all those qualities to his offspring. Diamant de Semilly (SF) holds a breeding license for 2020. Sire: LE TOT DE SEMILLY Selle Francais Section A ... Nombre maximum des produits et Affichage des produits dont indice est supérieur. DIAMANT DE SEMILLY LE TOT DE SEMILLY GRAND VENEUR VENUE DU TOT VENISE DES CRESLES ELF III MISS DES CRESLES CREME CHANTILLY GF MILKY WAY GF MASCARPONE GF ISIS STARGOLDS CAMPARI ATTILA BELINDA K56623. In 2006, 3rd of Auvers CSI** GP, 1st of Pioltello CSI*** GP, 3rd of Cervia CSI*** GP, 3rd of Normandy Horse Show GP, he ended very well by winning the GP of Liège CSI**** ! Diamant de Semilly was born in 1991, and was by the legendary Le Tot de Semilly x Elf III. Menu ; The world wide database with all information about pedigrees and performances of horses. Category: Frozen Stallion Semen. Harvest Z K56625. These are the characteristics of the phenomenal production of this exceptional stallion ! One of Diamant de Semilly's most popular offspring is this stallion; Quickly de Kreisker ridden successfully all the way to the 2014 World Championships by Abdelkebir Ouaddar. Grand Veneur (SF) Venue du Tot (SF) Venise des Cresles (SF) Elf III (SF) Miss des Cresles (SF) Information Not only could he claim to have sired five out of the 11 "Elite" awarded horses, but he is also the father to both of the French Champion and the vice-champion in the 5YO male SF category : Urano de Cartigny [...] and Un Diamant des Forêts [...]. Toggle navigation ... Limite de la production de Kalaska De Semilly. Limite de la production de Diamant De Semilly. Emerald, vice-Champion of the 6YO World Championships 2010. Diarado vandt i 2008 overlegent 70-dagestesten i Schlieckau med et samlet resultat på 150,57. Home » Posts tagged 'diamant de semilly' Tag Archives: diamant de semilly. All over the World, Diamant's offspring are also under the light ! In 2010, he is the sire of the 4YO males Champion : Safari d'Auge and the 5YO males Champion : Rack'ham Jo. In this case, the stud fee is divided in two parts : 2020 conditions at Haras de Semilly : Description Description. La fiche généalogique d'un cheval est une fiche récapitulative des informations disponibles concernant la généalogie ainsi que les éventuelles performances (sous forme d'indices ou de records), les indices génétiques et la carrière à l'élevage du cheval lui-même et de ses ascendants et collatéraux du côté maternel. Predicates. action breaker. To the question : "Among the european stallions, which ones do you prefer ?". Diamant de Semilly quantity. Among around 30 horses ranked "Elite" in 2013, there were almost 1/3 of Diamant ! with an impressive regularity (Let's read this ranking). Finale jeunes chevaux saut d'obstacles 6 ans, 2433 produit(s) indicé(s) sur 3995 produit(s) enregistré(s), A fact sheet contains a recap of the information available for a given horse. Diamant de Semilly is also ranked among the best sires of jumpers in Germany which includes the Top 1% ! ", Young Sires uphold the inheritance factor. It is very rare to see such a regular superiority in a stallion's progeny ! This page presents the main characteristics of a horse. "For the 8th consecutive year, Diamant de Semilly dominates the French sires ranking eventhough he didn't cover the best indexed mares.". In 2003 he was a member of the silver medal winning French team at the European Championship in Donaueschingen. # diamant de semilly. In 2017, Diamant is the sire of the vice World Champion du Monde of the 6YO, Oak Grove's Darshan (ex. Color: Braun Size: 173 cm Big scopey careful jumper. Diamant doesn't pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier). Exceptional showjumper himself, DIAMANT DE SEMILLY transmits to his offspring . Diamant de Semilly is reknowned since many years as, Since his first years of production, Diamant de Semilly climbs each year regularly in the World sires rankings and. Special Breeding issue 2020 of L'EPERON Sire Diamant de Semilly is top producer of GP jumpers and stand as one of the best sire in the WBFSH ranking. R/S. Dam Stand By (Dark d’Amour) is a BWP mare who performed at 1.40m level. Dam. Nice temperament in and out of stable. News DIAMANT DE SEMILLY. Diamant de Semilly is also ranked among the best sires of jumpers in Germany which includes the Top 1% ! Birthdate: 22.5.1991. Very brave. Affichage des produits dont indice est supérieur, Limite de la production de Diamant De Semilly, PDF Add to cart. "Diamant de Semilly, ranked 3rd last year, rose into the runners-up position (2nd). Twomey takes Liverpool Grand Prix. DIAMANT DE SEMILLY Selle Francais Section A, Male, Bai, né(e) en 1991, Étalon actif. He has also already produced more than 150 stallions approved. Boreal de Nantuel) 2017 vice World Champion of the 6 YO ; Obiwan de Piliere ISO 170 ; Oceane de Nantuel ISO 166 ; Ondéo de Pilière ISO 151 ; Onestar du Mesnil ISO 160 ; Open Up Semilly ISO 162 ; Delvaux de Muze(be) ISO 160 ; Pacha de Preuilly ISO 152 ; Pacha du Fort ISO 157, Normandy WEG ; Pacific des Essarts ISO 177, CSIO5*; Pacino CSIO5* ; Paola du Terroir ISO 152 ; Peanuts de Beaufour ISO 164 ; Pembrook Milenia 4th of the 5YO World Championships 2014 ; Perle du Marais ISO 165 ; Picolo ISO 171 ; Pilig de Lojou ISO 156 ; Piman de la Deviniere ISO 173 ; Playboy du Valdys ISO 148 ; Polinska des Isles ISO 178, CSIO5* ; Prelude du Valdys ISO 141 ; Prestige de Lannay ISO 153 ; Prunella d'Ariel ISO 172, Normandy WEG ; Putch des Isles ISO 151 ; Qateline de Cholving ISO 147 ; Quapitola de Beaufour ISO 163 ; Quaprica d'Aveyron ISO 159 ; Quarck dei Prati ISO 153, CSIO5* : Quartz de Nantuel ISO 146 ; Quebec un Prince ISO 157 ; Queen Girl Kervec ISO 162 ; Quel Mec Gerbaux ISO 147 ; Queops Chatelier ISO 147 ; Querida des Brières ISO 143 ; Querio de Toscane ISO 143 ; Quickly de Kreisker ISO 183, Normandy WEG ; Quilimane Semilly ISO 147, Champion of France of the 4 YO in 2008 ; Quisas Diamant ISO 158 ; Quisling de Kreisker ISO 147 ; Quito de Kerglenn ISO 164 ; Quito du Vilpion ISO 155 ; Quointreau un Prince ISO 162, CSIO ; Qwintus de Kreisker ISO 149 ; Undercover(be) ISO 146 ; Zique(nl) ISO 147 ; Rackham'Jo, French Champion of the 5YO males 2010, ISO 164 ; Radja d'Artemis ISO 163, CSIO5* ; Ratina Kervec, vice-champion of the 6YO females 2011, ISO 152 ; Replique de Bloye ISO 146 ; Revann de Lojou ISO 150 ; Right Now Semilly ISO 154 ; Rock'N Roll Semilly ISO 174, Champion of France of the 6YO 2011, Champion of France of the 4 YO 2009, CSIO5* ; Rolf des Grez ISO 152 ; Romance de St Simeon ISO 148 ; Rosa du Coisel ISO 153 ; Royalty du Genet ISO 158 ; Rubis de Preuilly ISO 167, CSIO5* ; Rubis Tame ISO 149 ; Sable du Dune Solier ISO 142 ; Safari d'Auge, Champion of France of the 4 YO males 2010, CSI5*, ISO 167 ; Salamera de la Nutria CSIO ; Salombo de Kerglenn ISO 148 ; Samourai de Colchic ISO 146 ; Sandi Puigroq CSIO5* ; Saphir des Chayottes ISO 159, CSIO5* ; Saphir du Talus ISO 156, CSIO5* ; Shana de Kerglenn, Champion of France of the 7YO 2013, ISO 153 ; Sherie Star ISO 148 ; Sheriff de la Nutria(mx) ISO 160, CSIO5* ; Si Bella ISO 148 ; Silverstone G CSIO5* ; Spirit of Semilly ISO 146 ; Sunshine  CSIO5* ; Sweet de Beaufour ISO 167 ; Swing de Riverland ISO 146 ; His Black Diamond Vt Arke(be) ISO 148 ; Tentation du Houlbec ISO 146 ; Thara Nantuel ISO 150 ; Hussah T.M. You can find the horse you are looking for using a name, an identification number (SIRE, covering, chip, etc.) Progeny of DIAMANT DE SEMILLY Name. In 2011, the 7YO Sires of the World of Mechelen have sacred 3 sons of Diamant : 1st Emerald, 2nd Utamaro d'Ecaussines, 4th Elvis Ter Putte. or a keyword (Anglo-Arabian, Limousin). Without talking about the private sales, the adjudication's prices for Diamant de Semilly's offspring are regularly among the best. He began breeding in 1996 and his outstanding offspring includes : 11th best sire of eventing winners on a global scale ! Breeding Stud Book : To know the list of authorized (approved) breeds, STUD BOOK SELLE FRANCAIS SECTION A Beautiful 4 year old mare by the world famous diamant de semilly. De Molenheide, De Heikampen 7, NL-5482 ZR … Best stallion of the WBFSH sires rankings, Diamant De Semilly being ranked number 2 in the Top Eventing and Showjumping Stallions of 2020. Diamant De Semilly will bring size, scope, balance, good attitude and technique and a strong back. The mares are inseminated with fresh or frozen semen depending on the availability Talented mare for the future. adzaro de l'abbaye. The progeny of the six dams has been developed over three generations. diamant de semilly. View and use the information in the SIRE's database (genealogy, indices, progeny, etc.) his strong back, scope, great balance, wonderful canter, suppleness, power, uncommon ease and super willingness, which make him a dream stallion …. Call 613-269-3837 or email for more information. "Gaining the most ground, from 14th place last year to now sit in 6th place, is another French stallion Diamant de Semilly. He combines the power and great ease of his sire, Le Tot De Semilly with the blood of his excellent damline (same as Almé). His offspring is in great demand and is usually very well sold. In June 2014 and again in March 2015, a son of Diamant de Semilly, the Selle Français QUICKLY DE KREISKER, becomes the BEST SHOWJUMPER IN THE WORLD under the saddle of the Moroccan rider Abdelkebir Ouaddar (WBFSH rankings). Best French Dam Sire Every day that is… Available on your computer and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). He will bring some blood, but works best with a blood mare. Diamant de Semilly is the Best Sire of the French young horses qualified for the Championships in Fontainebleau through their quantity and also their quality. This Le Tot de Semilly son ... is already well established as one of the best Selle Français stallions. Diamant de Semilly Bay stallion - 1991 - SF | xx : 46.49% ISJ 1.60m | Approved for: BWP, Holst, SF, SI, Z Le Tot de Semilly 1977 - SF | xx : 42.97% Venise des Cresles 1987 - SF | xx : 50% Grand Veneur 1972 - SF | xx : 48.44% Venue du Tot 1965 - SF | xx : 37.5% Elf III Stallion by Le tot de Semilly and Elf III In 2017, Diamant is the sire of the vice World Champion du Monde of the 6YO. And all over the World as well : like in Germany (Article PferdeSport 25 février 2012) or in Hollande (Article Sport Horse Breeding Septembre 2007), ... For more news, pictures and videos, click on : webstallions. boom boom semilly. He keeps the best score and the best total of representatives in the scores. Since his first years of production, Diamant de Semilly climbs each year regularly in the World sires rankings and since 2014, he stays at the Top : 3rd in 2014, 2nd in 2017, 2018 and 2109, and Tia Semilly) CSIO5* ;Tintin de la Pomme ISO 155 ; Tiny Toon Semilly CSI5* ISO 159 ; Tipsy Girl Loisel ISO 150 ; Topaze Latour ISO 157 ; Tower Mouche ISO 170 ; Twig du Veillon ISO 160 ; Typie ISO 152; Z Diamanty CSIO ; Uddy de Vernay ISO 156 ; Ujade Ste Hermelle(be) ISO 150 ; Un Diamant d'Azif ISO 147 ; Un Diamant des Forêts ISO 159 ; Un Soir D'Amour ISO 149; Undiams de Varenne ISO 164 ; Une de Printemps ISO 146 ; Une Futée de Wy ISO 155 ; Union de la Nutria ISO 167; Undercover ISO 151; Unesco du Feu ISO 146 ; Unte des Forêts ISO 147 ; Unteam de la Cense ISO 147; Unzip d'Ick ISO 152 ; Upercut Kervec ISO 146; Upper ISO 152 ; Urano de Cartigny ISO 168 Champion of France of the 5YO males 2013, CSIO5* ; Urenza Has ISO 145 ; Usa de Riverland ISO 153 ; Utamaro d'Ecaussines, CSIO5*, Normandy WEG ;Usika ISO 151 ; Ut de Menjo ISO 151; Ut Majeur de Brecey ISO 152 ; Uto Kervec ISO 150 ; Utopia Montgothier ISO 146 ; Uyoucouncoun Hogue ISO 151 ; Uzelien ISO 142 ; James Bond du Bec(be) ISO 144 ; Vagabond de Kezeg ISO 149 ; Valentino Tuilière ISO 168; Valance de Preuilly ISO 148; Valkyrie de Talma ISO 153 ; Valkiry de Zance ISO 150 ; Valine de Preuilly ISO 148; Valmy de Kerser ISO 149 ; Valse Sauvageonne ISO 149 ; Vannan ISO 149; Vara de Codre ISO 150; Vega de la Roche ISO 156 ; Vendetta Treize ISO 157; Vendome d'Anchat ISO 160 ; Veneur D'Isigny ISO 148; Venizia d'Aiguilly ISO 171 ; Verboise Margot ISO 151 ; Verdi Treize ISO 167; Vert Degris ISO 153 ; Vialotta d'Ick ISO 148 ; Viamdios d'Avril ISO 154 ; Vibrato d'Enocq ISO 146 ; Villamoura ISO 150; Vinci de Beaufour ISO 151; Vip des Lacs ISO 146 ; Virtuoso Semilly ISO 150; Vital Chance ISO 157; Vitot Kervec ISO 162; Voice de Chenaie ISO 151 ; Voila Lara ISO 147; Volga d'Altenbach ISO 148 ; Voltaire du Mads ISO 151; A Futee de Wy ISO 158 ; Airmes des Baleines ISO 153 ; Alkoumi de Solma ISO 146 ; Aloha de Presle ISO 152 ; Amant du Chateau ISO 148 ; Amethyste du Coty ISO 159; Andiamo Semilly ISO 155, Champion of France of the 4YO 2014 ; Antidote de Mars ISO 158; Arioto ISO 162 ; Artist de Capucine ISO 149; Away Semilly ISO 147 ; Azur de Lannay ISO 152 ; Best of Iscla ISO 152 ; Bond Jamesbond de Hay ISO 146 ; Bulgari de Carva ISO 146; Confidence d'Ass ISO 149;Djagger Semilly ISO 146 …. and even in eventing, his offsping is coming on very well ! Numerous products are jumping at Grand Prix level and developed into amazing sires, such as Emerald and Quickly de Kreisker. Capers (2004, by Capone I) is the dam of :Cassini Z (2007, by Cassini II) 3rd in Grand Prix CSI5* 1.60m in Miami with Darragh Kenny, clear during the CSI5* 1.60m of New York, winner in CSI5* 1.55m in London and Madrid, winner in CSIO5* 1.50m in Dublin and Ocala, etc. Photo by Dirk Caremans/ Le Tot de Semilly (SF) 95092. 100% For more news, pictures and videos, click on : doesn't pass on the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS non-carrier). Billy Twomey has retained is title as the Liverpool International Grand Prix Champion. Declared height at the withers : 173cm, Stallion available to be bred in France since 1996 until 2020, Breeder : Year. Henk Noren answers firstly Diamant de Semilly : "Nowadays on the international scene, we find many good jumpers by Diamant de Semilly. Koblenz . Exceptional showjumper himself, DIAMANT DE SEMILLY passes on OpenOffice (éditable). January 2, 2017 10:39 pm / Leave a comment. Sport . Article from Breeding News Stallion Directory 2013 :